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Cheesy creativity

February 22, 2012
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At FeelGood, we are really into our grilled cheese.  Every sandwich is more than just a lucky diner’s lunch; it is an art form.  And, of course, a conversation starter and a mechanism for ending world hunger.  Over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed several moments of excitement and pride in custom designed sandwiches, both in other FeelGood members and myself.

Two weeks ago, a first year member, at the end of her shift at the kiosk, made a sandwich for herself that featured an unusual combination of pesto, cranberry sauce, apple, onion, and cheddar cheese.  After taking a bite, she declared it the best sandwich EVER and, within a minute, had convinced two more customers to order sandwiches of a similar nature.  She was so excited about her wonderful creation!

Last week I arrived at the kiosk as another first year member was leaving, sandwich in hand.  I, of course, had to be slightly nosy and find out what ingredients lied between her two perfectly toasted slices of bread.  While literally jumping up and down with excitement, she told me that it was our Valentine’s Day special, the “Cheesy Romance” (cheese, apples, cinnamon sugar, and caramel balls) and is SO good!  With pride, she declared, “I invented it!”  Like the member above, she wanted everyone to try it!

First and second year students at UVM are required to purchase a meal plan and thus, get very little opportunity to prepare their own food.  While some students view this as a convenient aspect of their college life, others feel stifled by their lack of ability to create delicious meals.  FeelGood is able to fill this void.  Even the most amateur chef can assemble a selection of choice toppings between two slices of bread and allow it to cook itself on a George Foreman grill!  Our widespread array of toppings–ranging from sauces such as cilantro pesto and butternut squash hot sauce to veggies including jalopenos and sliced tomatoes to fancy fix-ins like the aforementioned caramel balls–provide sandwich makers with plenty of opportunities to express their creativity!  Believe me, the delicious combinations are infinite!

And now it’s YOUR chance to get creative: what would make up your ultimate grilled cheese?

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  1. Sarah permalink
    February 29, 2012 2:19 pm

    I really like pretzels and cheese.

    What about a soft pretzel bun with cheese, caramelized onions, and jalapenos?


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