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About me

Hello!  I am Jamie, a senior biology student at UVM with a hope to continue on to a career in public health with a focus on nutrition.

FeelGood has been near and dear to my heart since the first meeting I attended the first week of my freshman year.  The innovative strategies that FeelGood and our partner organization, The Hunger Project, use to end hunger inspire me on a daily basis.  Over the past three and a half years, this organization has filled me with passion and optimism, love and compassion, happiness and confidence.  It has etched in my mind a vision of a world free from hunger and shaped my goals for the future.  For all that FeelGood has given to me, I’ve given back to it as well:  I have thrown myself into FeelGood for three and a half years, first as a member, then as deli manager, and now as vice president.

At the deli, I am particularly intrigued by the way that conversation flip flops between dialogue about world hunger—what it means, how it intertwines with other social issues, and strategies to end it—and professions of love for bread and cheese.  FeelGood members savor, cherish, and almost idolize their grilled cheese sandwich.  Each member has a favorite combination of ingredients, a favorite variety of bread, and a particular grilling method to take to the grave.  It is not unheard of for a FeelGooder (cough cough, me) to hide slices from the not oft seen loaf of pumpernickel bread in the filing cabinet to ensure that she will get to enjoy a sandwich on it later in the day!

Outside of school and FeelGood, I love to experiment in the kitchen, blog about said experiments at my healthy living blog, Don’t Forget the Cinnamon, run, ski, crochet, and eat copious amounts (sometimes two jars a month!) of peanut butter!

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