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About FeelGood

I am conducting my participatory-observations at FeelGood, a non-profit organization present on the University of Vermont campus with a mission to end world hunger, one grilled cheese at a time.  Student volunteers make gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches which customers “purchase” by making a donation to The Hunger Project, FeelGood’s partner organization.  The Hunger Project is an organization which empowers women and men to end their own hunger, using strategies specifically tailored to each village across the 26 countries and three continents in which it works.

FeelGood is comprised of four primary groups of people: the members, the officers, the customers and the donors.  Members attend a weekly general meeting, help crumble cheese and chop veggies at prep twice a week, and volunteer at the deli.  The deli is open three days a week and 2-5 members typically volunteer at a time to assemble and grill the eight sandwich options on the FeelGood menu.  Officers plan general meetings and special events, lead prep and shifts at the deli, attend a weekly officer meeting, and engage in other activities which vary from position to position.  Customers purchase sandwiches from the deli and oftentimes interact with FeelGood members behind the counter while waiting for their order.  The donors are comprised of many local farmers and artisans that supply FeelGood with deli ingredients.  Donors include Klinger’s Bakery, Red Hen Bakery, Shelburne Farms, Benito’s Hot Sauce, Andy’s Salsa, Bella Farms, and Freund Family Farm.

FeelGood presents a unique context in which to explore food and health because it involves food in two ways: volunteers grill up delectable sandwiches to satisfy the appetites of hungry college students while simultaneously educating the local community about world hunger and raising money to eradicate hunger in Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America.

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  1. Sarah permalink
    February 29, 2012 1:55 pm

    This is a very unique group! I am excited to read more about it and, hopefully, to grab a sandwich one day soon!

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